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It happens everyday, in every city, and every field of work. An otherwise stellar employee starts showing up late or not at all. Work efficiency plummets, clients complain, and warnings are issued. Maybe a family member comes forward or a DUI reveals that your once go-to employee has a drug or alcohol addiction. Lucky, many mid-size and large companies and various organizations offer assistance through their Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or Human Resource department. Insurance will most likely cover substance abuse recovery but which path of recovery does your employee take? Which detox or Partial Hospitalization is right for their unique situation?

Substance abuse is a disease of the brain and the devastating effects of drugs and alcohol are 100% preventable if properly treated in time. Handing a piece of paper with local detox and treatment resources to an employee in crises is often not enough. This is uncharted territory for most and substance abuse still carries such a negative stigma that it becomes paralyzing for families to cope with or seek help on their own.

EAP and Human Resources

Addiction Treatment Network offers a free service to all Human Resource and EAP professionals in any size organization. We help advocate, inform, find options, and case manage the process of recovery for your employees and their families.

Please visit our informative PARTNER page or contact Seth at to see how we can be an important resource and trusted partner for you and your organization.

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