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Addiction Treatment Network is your professional source for trusted information, guidance, and placement.

The fight against addiction is a community effort. Families are not alone during a crisis and often seek the help and guidance of clergy, doctors and nurses, mental health professionals, educators, and employers.

Sometimes it is the first responders, such as police officers, EMT’s, firefighters, and emergency room staff who identify the person’s addiction.

But then what?
Often times the person is told that he or she must get themselves into recovery and handed a list of local detox or residential treatment centers – leaving the individual or family to take the next steps alone. The family or individual is often confused, overwhelmed and let’s not forget, in the middle of a crisis. And not all treatment facilities the same…nor right for everyone. There are many pathways to drug and alcohol addiction recovery and many variables to consider for each individual.

Addiction Treatment Network is here, to provide a FREE resource and service to your patients, congregants, employees, and students who are in need of professional guidance and expertise in the addiction treatment and recovery process.

Is the 12-step program the way to go for this patient? Is there a dual diagnosis that requires a higher level of care? Are there behavioral addictions that require special support staff? What if the individual runs a business and needs to have access to phones? What if there are medical issues such as diabetes or eating disorders?

Our network of detox, residential inpatient facilities, partial hospital programs, intensive outpatient centers, sober living housing, and interventionists are screened and scrutinized by our team. Every facility must meet our minimum standards, be licensed by the State to provide substance abuse and mental health services, and are either Joint Commission Accredited or working towards is before they can join our network.

We personally have toured each facility in our network, understand their treatment process, know the level of care available, and have met with the leadership team and medical director. Our network of licensed centers gives those we work with VIP service and attentive care. Together, we help facilitate the loop of vital information and communication back to the families, doctors, and/or the mental health professionals.

With over 22 years of helping individuals with the recovery process, we now are helping doctors, mental health professionals, educators, clergy, and businesses place, advocate and case the manage the process of addiction recovery for your patients, congregants, students, and employees.

Contact Seth at seth@addictiontreatmentnetwork.com to set up a phone or in-person meeting and let us show you how we can be an important resource and trusted partner for you and your organization.

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