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Your patient comes in with stomach pains, fatigue, and test results show positive for Hepatitis C. You learn your patient may have contracted it through sharing needles. She admits to a drug problem and is ready to seek help for her addiction.

Handing your patient a list of resources with local detox and treatment centers may be a start, but it’s often not enough during this time of crisis and confusion.

As you know, substance abuse is a disease of the brain and we can help provide your patient with another level of personal service that is confidential, comprehensive, and helps assist them with a life-changing transition towards recovery.


Addiction Treatment Network offers a free service to Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, and Medical Professionals. We help advocate, inform, find options, and case manage the process of recovery for your patients.

Please visit our informative PARTNER page or contact Seth at to see how we can be an important resource and trusted partner for you and your organization.

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