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A couple comes in for marriage counseling. The husband has been verbally abusive, misses out on their children’s soccer games, and even disappears for 24 hours without explanation. It doesn’t take long for the truth to surface. He has an alcohol dependency and it is destroying the entire family. He is ready for help and turns to you for guidance…but you’re specialty is in couples therapy, not alcohol addiction recovery.

Substance abuse is a disease of the brain and the devastating effects of drugs and alcohol are 100% preventable if properly treated in time. Handing a piece of paper with local detox and treatment resources to a family in crises is often not enough. This is uncharted territory for most and substance abuse still carries such a negative stigma that it becomes paralyzing for families to cope with or seek help on their own.


Addiction Treatment Network offers a free service to all mental health professionals. We help advocate, inform, find options, and case manage the process of recovery for your patients.

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